The Foundation of Sustainable Energy!

“Software comes from heaven when you have good hardware.” K. Olsen

Intermittency, unpredictability, variability… These are the challenges of a grid fed by renewable energy, distributed generation, and IoT end-devices. But more baseload power plants and clouded-data are not the answer to grid stability in a sustainability-driven world.

ENCOM® solutions have been built using the best of our technologies to harness all kind of energy resources – including your traditional AC grid – and to keep your installation in a constant state of reliable balance.

For your implementation of RWE (Renewable Energy), the expansion of integrated utility services, the re-design of your lighting installation… Using energy intelligently with ENCOM® enables you to leverage on the flexibility from diverse distributed energy resources and the resiliency from the intelligent devices suitable for your specific applications.

Flexible, Safe, and Future-Proof

• Multiple AC/DC Inputs to Power a Scalable LVDC Architecture
• HRMG (High Resistance Midpoint Ground) to Improve Safety and Reduce Electrical Hazards
• Circular Lighting and Other Circular Energy Programs Supported

On-Site RWE Integration

• Average 7-10% Improvement in Utilization of On-Site Power Generation
• Reduction in Green House Gas Emissions
• Conformity with Latest Directives 2010/31/EU or ASHRAE/IES 90.1-2013 for Zero-Energy Buildings.


• 30% Lower Cost of Ownership Over the Life of the System (EaaS)
• Integrated DC controls with over 96% of Efficiency
• Maintenance Free (EaaS)

Resilient Power Distribution

• Resiliency during Grid Outages without Complex Switching
• Integration of All Kind of Energy Storage Solutions
• Emergency Lighting Support

Big Data, Machine Learning, and IoT

• Patented HVDC Bus Data Exchange
• Real-time Edge Analytics
• Granular Data and Smart IoT Applications


The ENCOM® Intelligent Manager provides a secure web-based interface between our patented DC bus and our SaaS solutions.

It manages the energy traffic in between each of the ENCOM® hardware equipment and devices of the networks, controlling and harvesting any sources and loads of energy.

Based on customer preferences, our Intelligent Manager can store Data either on-site, on our secured servers, or on the PaaS Cloud Solutions of our partners.


The Bi-directional Energy Server is a core element of ENCOM® hardware line. It converts all power inputs: LVDC from Solar Panels, HVDC from Batteries, AC from the utility grid into our proprietary HVDC Bus. The Energy Server defines power transfer logic and sets priority of input power sources, according to on-site resources. This allows the DC loads to remain operational at all times.

Through our patented control methodology and Power Line Communication (PLC) over DC grids, the ENCOM® Energy Server has, for example, the ability to keep PV arrays operating at the maximum efficiency point, ensuring optimum utilization of the PV investment. It also enables managing the controls at each individual end points, such as LED lighting fixtures or HVAC units.

The Energy Servers are easy to scale and can be built into standard 19” racks. Expansion from small to large power system is done by simply adding components.


The ENCOM® Energy Controllers provide the LVDC power to the end devices such as LED fixtures or HVAC units. Operating at Max. 98% efficiency, and with a significantly longer life than AC drivers, they provide huge cost savings in upfront installation and maintenance.

Our Energy Controls are available in the forms of Centralized Power Stations (E-Boxes) or in the traditional SMPS format (E-Drivers) to allow quick retrofit installation into any kind of luminaires.

DALI, DMX, 0-10V dimming control functions are available. Auxiliary 15V output is standard on our 300/150W E-drivers.


The ENCOM® Smart DC Grid opens opportunities for low-voltage contractors and IoT specialists to expand into new verticals.

With the ENCOM® IP-IoT (Internet of Things) Gateway you can power your IoT devices and gateways at the closest point to the field, and open up to the full potential of PoE (Power over Ethernet) networks, deploying PoE Ligthing solutions without having the problems of centralized switches and long distance cabling limitations.

With the marriage of LVDC and PoE, contractors can gain access to the the $80B Smart Buildings Market, operators and managers can easily deploy the IoT solutions fo their choice, and SMARTGRID OS™ can become your unique platform to define and deploy digital technologies within offices, buildings, factories, and even cities.