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“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” P. Drucker

The ENCOM® PLATFORM enables you to monitor all your electricity connections, measure any input sources or output loads, as well as analyze individual devices, for instance, ventilation and lighting systems in buildings, offices, rooms… From any locations in the world.

    • Control the quality of your electric power and installation

    • Control and measure the current fluctuations and directions

    • Perform a comparative analysis of the production efficiency (IIoT)

    • Choose the electricity tariff plan that suits your needs

    • Prevent any undesirable connections

    • Energy management monitoring within the ISO 50001 framework


SMARTGRID OS™ is a unique SaaS solution that transforms on-going Energy Data into actionable insights, and provides a continuous visibility of your buildings’ performance, monitoring the operational status of your equipment and your real-time energy-savings.

ENCOM® offers the world fastest Data Integration System (DIS), recording and measuring every 5sec:


. Inputs/Outputs voltage quality
. Harmonics
. Current
. Active/Reactive power
. Line frequency


. Temperature/Humidity
. Ambient light
. Pressure
. CO2

ENCOM® SaaS Suite


MONITOR: Energy Monitoring, analysis and decision-support solution. Understand and Manage your energy in real-time.



OPTIMIZE: Add-on function offering a real-time control of any DC/AC onsite generated sources, verifying your peak demands, monetizing your flexibility to your utility grid.



OPERATE: Add-on function offering an automatic or personalized control of HVAC systems and LED lighting equipment. Meet sustainability goals and budget.



PREDICT: Self-learning technology to maximize energy savings without affecting daily operations and service. Enable condition based maintenance and EaaS programs.



The benefits of SMARTGRID OS™ are endless and can translate into thousands of dollars of savings a year, for medium or large organizations.

Yet many companies lack the capital budget and staff to complete these improvements.

ENCOM® EaaS (Energy-as-a-Service) solutions enable our customers to upgrade their facilities without capital spending. By converting our energy efficiency products and EMS solutions into LaaS (Light-as-a-Service), CaaS (Climate-as-a-Service), SOLaaS (SOLar-as-a-Service) and WINaaS (WINd-as-a-Service), we make the investments, assure the maintenance of your installation, and control the savings for you, months after months.

Our ENCOM® advisory team and partners are experts in developing business cases and work with you to remove the technical, commercial, and regulatory barriers that stand in the way of deploying your projects.

ENCOM® offers a full suite of Consulting Services, including all of the following:

• Cost-Benefit & Business Case Analysis • Project Sizing and Configuration • Grid Interconnection Analysis
• System Reliability Analysis • Safety Standards Development • Project Planning and Management

Lifecycle Services:

ENCOM® provides the lifecycle support services to keep your system running optimally, including operations, preventive maintenance, spare part supply, and emergency repairs.

ENCOM® helps you optimizing asset decisions such as energy storage augmentation or system upgrades to enable you to excel during the term of the contract (5 to 7 years).

Our financing options and partnerships support the customers who have a fully developed project but are looking to improve the overall economics (CAPex), limit the risks, and focus on their core business.

Deployment Services:

We know that working with the wrong component suppliers is not worth the risk, and turn-key solutions rarely work as advertised. ENLIGHTEN™ and ENPOWER™ are the Alliance Programs we have nurtured projects after projects to surround ourselves with the best specialists in LED Lighting and HVAC, or in Solar and Wind energy systems.

Through our own Alliance Programs, we offer the comprehensive deployment services you need and provide you with the assurance that the entire project meets our contract requirements:

• Project Commissioning & Validation • Engineering Designs for any location or conditions


The mission of our ENLIGHTEN™ program is to guarantee DC power distribution levels and to reduce the electricity consumption related to lighting and heating/cooling.

Focusing on facilitating the adoption of LaaS (Light-as-a-Service) and CaaS (Climate-as-a-Service) models, we offer a Circular Ecosystem that extends the life of our certified LED luminaires/HVAC units.

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The mission of our ENPOWER™ program is to guarantee DC power generation levels and to improve the performance potential of solar/wind energy installations.

Focusing on facilitating the adoption of SOLaaS (SOLar-as-a-Service) and WINaaS (WINd-as-a-Service) models, we offer a Circular Ecosystem that extends the life of our certified solar/wind solutions.

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