Controlling Energy & Creating Possibilities!

ENCOM® SaaS solutions are deployed with industry leaders and strategic partners (Channel/Technology Partners) across the value chain to facilitate the creation of secured intelligent systems and tailor-made services.

Focusing on managing our Data and Energy networks, we ensure QoS, netting security and application operation, providing the insights you and your stakeholders need. But being at the cross-road of several industries means that, when defining business models and solutions, the focus has to shift from the company level to the ecosystem level.

We thus take a great pride to collaborate with the partners that ensure the best integration of our products. Our Partner Programs solely exists to help our customers get up and running with our solutions, ensuring the information delivered by SMARTGRID OS™ fits within their IT and OT systems, and present all the actionable insights they need.


Whether you are looking to start small or have already deployed a wide array of IoT solutions across your facilities, we are perfectly suited to create value on the PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) offering of our Integrated Partners, or to bring you the flexibility to integrate our SMARTGRID OS with their own SaaS and OT systems.


Build Trust and Engagement with your customers!

The ENCOM® Channel Partner Program is a comprehensive package for agents, resellers, systems integrators, OEMs and distributors that leverages ENCOM’s integrated hardware, SaaS analytics platform and value added professional services. We offer an extensive Reseller Program as well as a generous Referral Program to fit our partners’ business needs.

SaaS solutions have transformed multiple markets because they are affordable, scalable, flexible, and minimize IT involvement and investment. By offering SMARTGRID OS™ to your customers, you can ensure that you are delivering ongoing value with a solution that is ideal for integrating with customers’ existing environments and giving them unprecedented, asset-level visibility into their energy consumption within and across sites.

90% of ENCOM® end-customers agree:

“I have a more positive attitude towards my systems integrator since I know he is helping me to manage and save energy with SMARTGRID OS, rather than offering only new technologies that would cost us time and human resources to implement!” P. Camacho – VGL S.A (France)


Extend the portfolio of Services you can offer to you customers!

There is currently no other Energy Management System (EMS) that is more future-proof than SMARTGRID OS™. We make it easier and faster to transform operational Data into performance improvements, and with our unique DC energy architecture we drive efficiency and productivity of the buildings, merging IoT applications and devices into one holistic platform.


BEMS (Buildings Energy Management System) Applications

Delivering the right amount of light and heating based on occupancy: Having the ability to create different scenarios based on schedules, work-shifts, holidays, special events …

ENCOM enables buildings to automate the management of space to provide better and more effective environments for employees or customers, and reduce the cost of servicing.

FEMS (Factories Energy Management System) Applications

Leading-edge IoT sensors (CO2, CO, Pressure, Temperature, Ambient Noise, Vibration, NO2/SO2 Particles…)  can be added to industrial environments and can also be connected directly onto electric motors powering machines.

Extracting real-time granular KPI, ENCOM provide value both to Original Equipment manufacturers (OEMs), which can reduce warranty repair costs and ultimately build better products, as well as end-users i.e plants operating in various industries, which can optimize their energy consumption, prevent failures, and help to predict appropriate maintenance work.

HEMS (Homes Energy Management System) Applications

As consumers move toward home energy generation systems, the interactive capacity of the Smart Grid will become more important. Rooftop solar products are widely available, and people in rural areas may even consider installing small wind turbines. The Smart Grid will help to effectively connect those mini-power generating systems, providing Data about their operations to utilities and owners.

A potential feature of the ENCOM® Smart Grid will be to allow your community to use your solar array to keep the lights on even when there is no power coming from the utility.

Most of remote villages in developing countries are still desperate for access to reliable electricity. Microgrids, together with a deployed LVDC architecture, offer the best solution to power billions of people around the world.

“1.2 billion people in the world have no access to electricity and another 2.7 billion have very limited access. As a result these people also lack access to basic services, are largely excluded from modern communication and hampered in their ability to escape poverty. LVDC is one of the tools that will enable sustainable electricity access, off-grid, with the help of renewables.” Frans Vreeswijk – General Secretary & CEO of IEC